A Bhakti Yoga Weekend

Join Keith Borden for an energetic and balanced devotional practice infused with playfulness and creativity. All are welcome to join in! Workshops may be taken separately. Sign up early for the whole weekend for the best rate.

Class Descriptions

Light the Fire Kirtan

Friday, Aug 3, 7-8:30 pm

Kirtan is the yoga of devotion! Sing and let your heart fill with Divine love. Join Keith Borden and Friends for an evening of soulful celebration through mantra, chanting and devotional songs.

Devotion: The 9 Forms of Bhakti on the Mat

Saturday, Aug 4, 1-3:30 pm

Bhakti Yoga is the yogi’s pursuit of the Lord of Love. But how do we find this elusive, ever-present part of ourselves? The Bhagavata Purana outlines nine practices to help cultivate this Love for the Lord. This asana workshop combines the familiar movements of yoga asana with the richness of devotion as a way of making our daily practices more meaningful. Bring your voice to sing. Bring your mat to move. Bring your tears to wash your away fear. Find your heart to LOVE. Open to all.

Monkeying Around

Sunday, Aug 5, 1-3:30 pm

With blessings from the devas, the Monkey God Hanuman was made more powerful than all other gods, but his punishment for his mischievous behavior was to forget his Divine nature. Hanuman meets Sri Rama and devotes himself completely, and only then is his true Self-revealed to him again. In this master class we will explore the shapes (asana), sounds (mantra) and stories (purana) of Hanuman – the strong warrior, devoted bhakta, learned scholar and playful trickster. Hanuman is our reminder that through dedication and devotion we can reveal our true Self again.

Registration Info

Weekend Pricing:

$81 by Jul 1 $90 after Jul 1 | before  Jul 29 | $100 after Jul 29

Individual Pricing:

Friday Night Kirtan $25 | Members $17.50

Saturday/Sunday workshops $40/each | Members $28/each

About Keith

Keith Borden is consistently turned on by the stillness within movement, the silence hidden in sound, and the esoteric in the everyday. The classes he offers are energetic and balanced and are infused with playfulness and creativity. He strives to live, breathe, and offer the devotion-rich yoga that comes out of his daily home practice. He is a singer, kirtan wallah, a bhakti yogi, and an interfaith minister. He always chants with his classes, and occasionally he plays and sings during savasana. His goal is to hold a space that fosters inner quiet, true strength, and a healthy, joyous spirit where students can reunite with and REJOICE in their true Self. Learn more at