2012 Cinema Nirvana Wrap-Up

It’s time for the third annual wrap-up review and first sneak peak at the upcoming year for Cinema Nirvana, Tucson Yoga’s ongoing film series, brought to you by yours truly, and the Tucson Mindfulness Practice Community. This past year we’ve screened ten films including the inspiring documentary, The Dhamma Brothers, about the introduction of vipassana meditation to a high-security prison in the heart of the Bible Belt; the classic Spanish-Italian “spaghetti western” A Fistful of Dollars, starring that guy who talks to empty chairs; the classic 50s sci-fi parable of metaphysical proportions, The Incredible Shrinking Man; our first Bollywood epic, the over-the-top biopic of the Emperor who went from murderous tyrant to semi-enlightened ruler and the side-splitting horror-comedy that is also an investigation of how perception “creates” our world, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

Along the way, we raised almost $1200.00 for mostly local charities. The only exception was the $200.00 we raised for New Leaf Yoga Foundation, a non-profit based in Ontario, Canada for whom I am honored to sit on the Board of Directors. New Leaf began by bringing mindfulness yoga to incarcerated youth, and is now engaged in a research project introducing 9 – 12 year old “youth at risk” in an effort to break the chain of causality that leads so many under-served youth from ending up in prison.

Note that due to a strangely sparsely attended screening of Easy Rider, we only raised $38.00 for the uniquely home-grown local charity, Ben’s Bells. I didn’t think that was enough, so the screening of one of my favorite early episodes of C.S.I. brought in an additional $75.00 making for a respectable total of $113.00.

This up-coming year, Cinema Nirvana continues on January 26th with the dark comedy/semi-documentary based upon a really true story, Bernie, starring Jack Black in a role that – in a just Hollywood – would garner him at least an Oscar nomination. We’ll have to wait and see. Other films on the marquee for 2013 include The Godfather, Flight From Death, Take Shelter, We Need To Talk About Kevin and what is reputed to be Andy Warhol’s favorite film, the Grade Z sci-fi allegory, Creation of the Humanoids.

As Cinema Nirvana is a community affair, you are invited to send in any suggestions for films you’d like to see us screen, or for any local charities you’d like to have us support.  Please email me at: frankjude@mindfulnessyoga.net

See you at the movies!

frank jude

1/21/12 A Fistful of Dollars  $172. 00 for No More Deaths

2/25/12 The Dhamma Brothers $205.00 for New Leaf Yoga Foundation

3/17/12 The Incredible Shrinking Man $92.00 for South West Resource Advocates

4/14/12 Departures   $200.00 for Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault

5/26/12 Ashoka   $93.00 for Angel Charity for Children

6/23/12 Easy Rider   $38.00 for Ben’s Bells

8/18/12 C.S.I.: Unfriendly Skies $75.00 for Ben’s Bells

9/15/12 Goldfinger   $90.00 for Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse

10/27/12 Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil $100.00 for Many Mouths One Stomach

12/15/12 Finding Nemo   $100.00 for Angel Charity for Children

Total: $1165.00

For more information or to donate to any of these fine charities: