Welcome to Tucson Yoga

At Tucson Yoga, we are passionate about and committed to sharing diverse practices of Yoga as a truly affordable and sustainable method of self-care. Through our studio, we offer yoga classes, workshops and trainings. Our mission is to nurture those who value health and awareness as a foundation for a meaningful life. More about us >

News & Updates

We regret to say that we are cancelling the Friday 4pm Toddler and Me class indefinitely.

Please note Mama & Baby class is cancelled Thursday 4/3, 4/10. Class will resume 4/17.

For the sake of clarity, an official refund policy has been enacted for Tucson Yoga classes, memberships, and workshops. Please see our prices page for details.

March 21-23rd, 2014, Fri 5pm-Sun 1pm, Wind Spirit Community

Are you longing to turn-off your computer, 
turn-off your smart phone, 
 connect, face to face and heart to heart?
 Then this weekend might be perfect for you! Connect with nature and tribe! Get back to our roots as humans: conversations around a fire, dancing, laughing, sharing meals. We moderns long for connection. Allow yourself that space and time to really drop out information overload and into your being as part of a community!